HUGE Summer Events Calendar

Permian Kids Events Calendar – Something for Everyone!

Check out our HUGE updated events calendar for this summer.

There is something for everyone.  Come find your fun – art classes for kids, steel drum camp, sports,  lego, zombies, dance, learn how to cook, swimming, tennis, science, robotics camps, vbs and more!

Many days there are 10-15 activities to choose from, camps to register for, classes to take, or activities to participate in! We’re updating this calendar daily as we hear of new activities around the Permian Basin.

Use our new search and filter feature to find just what you’re looking for.

Thank you to the many volunteer moms who have sent us stuff to include in the calendar.  We love hearing from our readers and hope you keep sending us ideas to share.  If you like it, chances are thousands of other moms and kids will too!

Let’s keep the Permian Basin a great place for Permian Kids and keep our community strong.

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Entertainment & Recreation

Chris Davidson Opportunity Park

This park will be breaking ground and moving from its current location on North “A” Street and Ventura Avenue to Briarwood Avenue, adjacent to the Bush Tennis Center.  This land has been generously donated and will include significant improvements and updates that will offer a variety of developmentally appropriate activities designed to promote the physical and social inclusion of all children, regardless of abilities.

To read more about the park, check out the Midland-Reporter Telegram article here  and video here

Cinergy Cinemas in Midland, TX

Movies are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, which is exactly why Cinergy has introduced sensory friendly screenings. One Saturday a month at 9:30am, Cinergy will present a family friendly film in an auditorium dedicated to guests affected by autism and sensory processing disorders. These showings will feature brightened light levels, reduced sound volume, and room for guest interaction and movement.

The current sensory-friendly screening schedule can be found here:

We reached out to the local contact and found out Midland, Odessa, and Copperas Cove all feature this schedule!


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MISD – Special Needs Services

Midland Independent School District (MISD)

MISD provides special needs services through the Special Needs Services Department of MISD. Midland ISD provides a comprehensive educational program for students with disabilities from birth through age twenty-one. A free, appropriate public education is offered through the provision of special programs and related services designed to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability.

In special educational, as many parent advocates already know, understanding and following timelines and deadlines are critically important to making sure your child has his or her needs met.  Many request for services, expected response letters, request for IEP meetings, and applications for appeals must adhere to specific number of day deadlines.

If you plan to request special need services from MISD it’s important to read and familiarize yourself with their operation guidelines.

Operating Guidelines for Special Education Services

MISD provides the opportunity for some special needs services for preschool students in a general education preschool classroom at a few local schools in Midland.  Please call their office to inquire about criteria for special education preschool requirements.

MISD also provides transition services from high school and believes that parents are an important member of the Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) Committee and have a particularly important role in helping students during the transition process from high school into the world of adult activities.  The better you understand the transition process, the better able you will be able to help your student design a high school program that will facilitate the attainment of identified postsecondary goals.

Transition services must begin by the first IEP in effect when a student turns 16 years old. Transition planning should begin before the student is 16 years old (age 14 in Texas). All students with disabilities should receive transition planning as part of their IEP meetings. The student and his or her IEP team create a vision for the future, and then each year specific goals and services are identified to work toward that vision.

Transition Planning in Texas: Fast Facts for Parents (English)

Transition Planning in Texas: Fast Facts for Parents (Spanish)

Midland ISD provides a long list of resources for parents here.

Many on the list are local or Texas organizations that may be helpful when researching and looking for information and services for your child.

For more information about MISD Special Services, call them at (432) 240-1401.

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Permian Basin Rehab Center

Permian Basin Rehab Center in Odessa

PBRC is located at 620 N. Alleghaney Avenue, Odessa, TX 79761 and can be reached by phone at (432) 332-8244.

Since 1953, the Permian Basin Rehab Center (PBRC) has served thousands of patients of all ages and abilities who find themselves in need. The PBRC is the Permian Basin’s only comprehensive, non-profit, multidisciplinary rehabilitation facility that provides speech, physical, occupation therapy and hearing/audiology services. The therapists of the PBRC reach a broad cross-section of the community and bring positive change into the lives of countless individuals. Therapy services are fully coordinated, and bi-lingual employees enrich these services.

Permian Basin Rehab Center’s primary focus is to help any child or adult with a disability or injury who can benefit from our outpatient services. A partial listing of needs served include:

Communication disorders – speech, language, hearing, and voice

Neurological Disorders – stroke, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy

Orthopedic Disorders – injury to bone joint and birth defects

Other – lymphedema, learning disabilities, feeding disorders, dysphagia, mental retardation, developmentally delay, down syndrome, and autism

The PBRC offers an Assistance Program and social worker services to make sure that no one is turned away based on ability to pay or limited access to transportation.  The Assistance Program is made possible through community donations and fundraising efforts throughout the year. The PBRC is a preferred provider for most insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid.

In addition to the therapies outlined above, PBRC also offers several clinics for people that require special services that include the Developmental Clinic and the Cleft Palette Clinic.

The Developmental Clinic is designed to monitor development after the baby is discharged from the NICU.  Initial assessments are completed in physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and audiology.  Once initial assessments are completed, the patient is eligible to begin attending the developmental clinic.

The Cleft Palette Clinic allows each family to meet with a social worker and each patient receives a speech screening, a hearing screening and a consultation with the surgeon.  Education, resources and recommendations are provided during the appointment. To save families the strain of extensive travel, PBRC provides many of the pre and post operation scheduling and appointments in Odessa at the clinic.


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Midland Childrens Rehab Center

Midland Children’s Rehabilitation Center (MCRC)

Midland Children’s Rehabilitation Center (MCRC) is a non-profit organization providing occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and services for Dyslexia.  They also offer several enrichment programs that include aquatics, hippotherapy, open gym, POWER, Unlimited Dance Company, and We are the World Camp.  Camp is held in the summer for five week-long sessions as well as in the winter and spring for shorter sessions, consisting of one or two days.

The Center was started in 1956 and is the only facility serving primarily infants through 22 years of age.

The mission of MCRC is to change the lives of children by providing neurological and orthopedic therapy, in a compassionate environment, regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

They provide these services at little or no cost to the families. To date the Center has never charged for services and relies on the generosity of the community to be able to do so.

To begin services with MCRC, contact your physician. You will need a referral for therapy.  Once you have a referral, the parent or primary caregiver can contact MCRC to request intake paperwork and an evaluation. I have been told it may take several months to get an evaluation so I want to stress the importance of getting a referral as soon as possible to begin the process.

Complete Intake Package paperwork can be found here.  It is 16 pages, to be filled out by hand and mailed or returned directly to the MCRC office. Call MCRC directly with any questions you have at (432) 498-2053.

Speech Intake Package paperwork can be found here.  It is 25 pages, to be filled out by hand and mailed ore returned directly to the MCRC office.

You may contact MCRC directly with any questions you have at (432) 498-2053.

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Hillcrest School

Hillcrest School

Hillcrest School is a private, not-for-profit SACS CASI accredited school for students with learning differences in grades K-12. They specialize in helping students with dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder reach their maximum potential.

 The Hillcrest School is a unique independent, not-for-profit school serving learning different students. The success-based student to staff ratio contributes to student’s academic and social development which ensures overall achievement. In a nurturing environment, the combined efforts of multi-sensory techniques, interdisciplinary curriculum and organizational strategies result in successful opportunities for all learners.

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Bynum School

Bynum School

Bynum School located at 8404 West County Road 60 in Midland, TX.  They are currently building a new school site on Avalon Drive in Midland.

Bynum School is the only year-round school in the Permian Basin, public or private, that provides an uninterrupted continuum of services for children and adults who have special needs.

Collaborative programs and services are integrated into educational experiences for children. Collaborations include interactive day camps, family and sibling support projects, speech therapy, physical therapy and music therapy. Bynum School offers individualized, comprehensive programs to meet the needs of each student.

For Preschool – High School and Vocational programs Bynum tuition is approximately $10,000/year.  For Adult Day programs tuition is approximately $11,000/year.  Please check with the school directly for up to date tuition costs as they are subject to change.

In addition to Academic Programs,  Bynum School also offers Music therapy and Speech therapy.  For additional occupational and physical therapy, Bynum School contracts with Midland Children’s Rehabilitation Center (MCRC)

Contact Information and Hours can be found here. The direct number to the office is (432) 520-0075

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Homeschool Resources

According to the Texas Homeschool Coalition Association, to home school legally in Texas, you must follow three state law requirements:
1. The instruction must be bona fide (i.e., not a sham).
2. The curriculum must be in visual form (e.g., books, workbooks, video monitor).
3. The curriculum must include the five basic subjects of reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics, and good citizenship.

Also see the Homeschool Legal Defense Association for Texas: Leeper Case which says:
Homeschooling is legal in Texas. Homeschools can operate as private schools provided that they use a written curriculum and teach math, spelling, grammar, reading, and good citizenship. School districts have no authority to approve or disapprove curriculum. Homeschools do not have to register, be tested, or hold any specific qualifications. Texas is a model state in upholding parental rights. At trial, the testimony disclosed that the study of good citizenship is a civics course.

West Texas Homeschool Co-op

Facebook url:

West Texas Homeschool Co-op is an inclusive choice-based learning community. The vision of WTHS Co-op is to inspire life-long learning with creative and engaging learning opportunities, to support the learner and their family, and to empower our learners by modeling a respectful, inclusive community that recognizes the uniqueness of every individual.
More information on schedules and registration can be found here.

Midland Classical Academy
Kindergarten – Grade 12
MCA is a homeschool/school building model.  Students attend two days per week (M/W or T/Th), and parents homeschool on the non-school days.  Teachers provide curriculum for parents. Fridays are half-day and optional for Science and enrichment courses.  Tuition includes Science on Fridays.

Education at Midland Classical Academy is an active endeavor. Students are neither blank slates to be written upon nor empty vessels to pour facts into, rather they are young people brimming with thoughts and ideas of their own. Learning is a team effort. Students are invited to join tutors in the learning process and this is where exponential growth happens. As we biblically consider God’s world together in the classroom, through sports, and within relationships, the full spectrum of our lives become transformed by divine purpose.
Admission, enrollment, tuition can be found here

Classical Conversations Homeschool Group – Midland
Classical Conversations supports homeschooling parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families. We believe there are three keys to a great education: classical, Christian, and Community.

Classical Conversations Calendar in Midland, TX and Andrews, TX

Grace Enrichment Co-op (GECO)
GECO is a home school co-op for families with home schoolers in highschool. GECO provides classes from writing to science and more. GECO is also helpful because it is a community of other home schoolers that have already taken their kids through highschool in home school so if you have any questions about transcripts, credits, or anything else, you can just ask someone at GECO.

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Midland offers a Montessori school for students in Preschool – Grade 6.  If you are interested, we you call to schedule a tour right away.  They often fill up fast and have waiting list.

Midland Montessori
Preschool – Grade 6
Children love to be involved in self-directed purposeful activities. When given a prepared environment of meaningful projects, along with the time to do those tasks at his or her own pace, a child will choose to engage in activities that will create learning in personal and powerful ways. This in turn creates a life long love of learning.
Application process, where you can find more information about admission, tuition, financial aid, and request a tour.

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