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Magnet schools aren’t considered “neighborhood schools” and allow students from all areas of Midland to attend.  Often bus services are provided for students.

Magnet Schools (Elementary)
There are three magnet schools in MISD.  A magnet school is a public school offering special instruction and programs not available elsewhere, designed to attract a more diverse student body from throughout a school district. More on magnet schools here.

MISD Magnet Schools Program Information

MISD Magnet Schools 2017-2018 timeline

Bowie Fine Arts Academy
Students at Bowie take advantage of all the regular MISD curriculum, plus they are afforded enrichment classes in the arts.  Students in grades K-3 rotate through piano lab, choral music, theater arts, dance, and art on a weekly basis.  Starting in fourth grade, students specialize in two of these areas for one hour of their school day.  Orchestra and band are added to their fine arts selections in grades 4-6.

Pease Communications and Technology Academy
The goal is to be the leader in communications and technology, while encouraging positive family and community partnerships as we empower each child to reach their fullest potential. We have a Communication Lab where they combine Technology with Communication. We seek to provide each grade level with the specific instruction that will equip them in our ever-changing technological era.

Washington Math and Science Institute
Our primary mission is to actively motivate students, faculty and parents to support a vision of our school in which all of our students can and will learn. Our collaborative goal is to assure that self-esteem is fostered in every child and that they acquire the values, attitude, skills and knowledge that are necessary for progress in school and throughout life. We will strive to tap the rich vein of cultural, ethnic and racial diversity in our students and make every effort to serve them with equity and excellence. This school also provides afterschool enrichment classes.

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