Connor Elton, Local 12 Year Old, Releases His First Single

“Sweet Memories” by Connor Elton

Have you heard of Connor Elton?  You might want to get his autograph soon because we think he’s going places…straight up the music charts!

Local Midland student, musician, and talented singer/songwriter, Connor Elton, has just released his first single Sweet Memories and it’s available now in iTunes.

Connor is a 12 year old student at Trinity School in Midland. He started his musical journey at age 6 and currently plays the guitar, piano, and saxophone.  Connor says, “I like to sing songs from my heart and hope that people will enjoy my singing and continue to support me as my musical career moves forward.” We already love this song Connor and can’t wait to hear more from you in the future.

Sweet Memories is an original song written by Connor and two of his friends. He is currently working on other songs and will be recording them later this year.

Song is available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and Spotify.
To follow Connor, subscribe to his YouTube Channel


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