11+1 Fun Ideas To Do with Your Kids This Winter Break

With the weather in the Permian Basin hovering at freezing this week, we thought we’d share a few ideas to help enjoy your winter break with your kiddos – even if you’re inside most of the week!

#1 Get Outside
Enjoy some frigid temperatures by going for a walk. Bundle up, try out those new jackets, scarves, and beanies.
Check out the barren trees, search for wildlife, and see who can keep themselves warm running, skipping, and hopping down the street.
Rosy, cold cheeks can be warmed up with hot cocoa and a fire when you return home.

#2 Play a Board Game
Our family got Prime Climb for Christmas and we’ve been having fun testing our math skills. This game is for kids age 10+ but with a little help and a math facts chart included even younger kids can hone their math facts. The goal is to move from 0 to 101 by rolling two die and adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing your way there. There are many variations of the game – and practicing winning graciously and losing with good sportsmanship is an important skill too!

#3 Build
There are so many classic building toys and ideas out there it’s hard to choose just one. Kids can build with Legos, Keva planks, traditional wooden blocks, and everyday items such as plastic cups, marshmallows and toothpicks, and more.

#4 Snuggle Up and Read
Did you know the longest individual thumb nail is over 6 feet long (curled up!) Gross. But it’s true. We read it in the 2019 Guinness Book of World Records. Also, did you know there have been fewer than 30 coyote attacks in the US since the 1800s? I didn’t either. Good thing we can read all about wilderness survival. Ha. There are so many great books it’s fun to read a page or a chapter aloud (and better while sitting by a fire with hot cocoa.) If you have kids age Preschool – 4th grade I highly recommend the new book series, Zoey and Sassafrass.

# 5 – See a Movie
Whether you watch a movie at home or visit a local theater it’s always fun to have a movie night (or day) with popcorn and drinks. Who has already seen Mary Poppins, Ralph Breaks the Internet, or Superman? You can check them out at Cinergy or Regal Theater. Don’t forget to check out Cinergy’s two options for New Year’s Eve Bash events.

#6 – Go Bowling
Taking the kids bowling at Bowlero is always a fun experience! Who would normally be willing to pay to rent used shoes anyway? Ha. Now decide if you want to add bumpers or not and try not to wince too hard when your kid drops the ball too hard down the lane. Eeeks. Speaking of dropping the ball, Bowlero is hosting a day and evening New Year’s Eve party . Check it out.

#7 – Visit the Library or the Bookstore
We have such a fantastic library with a great space for kids of all ages. The cold weather always makes us feel cozy and want to cuddle up with a blanket and a book. Our library has a great story time area for little ones and a nice space for teens too.
On Saturday, January 5th at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Midland join the crew with Emily Elizabeth as they read Clifford the Big Red Dog for Story Time and get a coupon for the Cafe for a grilled cheese sandwich with milk or juice for $4

#8 – Visit and Play at Museum of the Southwest
Free Admission offered from 2-5pm on Sunday, December 30th.
The Children’s Museum has MOVED, but activities can still be found in the Blakemore Planetarium next door. Closed Mondays, but open Tuesdays-Saturdays, free on Sunday afternoons.

#9 Exercise!
We’re not talking about New Year’s resolution type exercise, we’re talking about fun on the floor with kids stretching and doing some classic sits up and pushups… push yourself and your kids to see who can do them the right way. Maybe add a little weights, fun music, (we like Kids Bob Kids Radio on Pandora), and elastic bands. Practice forward and backwards rolls. Some kids enjoy yoga and may enjoy a silly Squish the Fish video (no Baby Shark music I promise. Ha.) For even more indoor exercise and fun check out GoNoodle.com If your kids love yoga consider signing them up at the local studio, Midland Yoga Works.

#10 – Bake or Cook
Perhaps your child got a new apron or chef’s hat for Christmas? Maybe you’ve been wanting to teach your preteen or teen your family’s favorite recipe. We love to bake banana bread and cook spaghetti. These are easy recipes for kids to help with. Enjoy making memories with your kids and encouraging great habits of cooking at home with your family. Put your feet up, sit back, enjoy a cookie or yummy treat.

#11 – Create an Art Masterpiece
Take a little time to relax and drop off the kids at our local Kids Art Studio, Kidd’s Canvas for a winter camp full of fun! They have 1 day and 3 day registration options from 10am-2pm. For a session of painting pottery check out The Pottery and select your favorite piece.
If you’d rather create art at home we recommend Deep Space Sparkle where you can buy individual art lessons and find many for free! For more How-To-Draw lessons most kids love Art Hub for Kids.

# +1 Bonus
Kids Choice – Let your kids invite their friends over to play games like hide and seek, tag, football, build forts, play Nerf gun battle, run around outside, ride a scooter or bike on the driveway, and more! Test out new roller blades or skates at KC Nutty Roller for the New Year’s Eve Party from 7pm-1am. Also open January 3, 4, and 5th.

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