Volunteer Opportunities in the Permian Basin for Kids and Teens

Permian Kids has received several inquiries over the last few weeks from parents of teenagers searching for quality summer camps, programming, classes, etc.  We recognize there is a big opportunity locally for groups to provide quality camps/programs for teens!

We’ve listed a few camps for teens at the bottom, but we’ve also researched and found places for teens to VOLUNTEER locally.  If they have transportation, a giving heart, and helping hands, this could be a great time to teach your child about serving others and helping those in need.  By giving back to their community, teens can learn lessons in hard work and and skills that may transfer to an academic or work environment.

We welcome (and ask nicely, please and thank you!) more ideas and will do our best to keep this updated as we hear of additional programs for teens (age 13-18).

 First – Start Here

There are many volunteer opportunities in the area.  Please check out Midland Volunteers Connection to find a way to help our community in a way that’s meaningful to you – and others!

Second – Sample of volunteer opportunities

Sibley Nature Center

Sibley Nature Center is looking for High School or College Students to volunteer with our Youth Day Camps in July and August.

West Texas Food Bank

The West Texas Food Bank needs your help to fight hunger! Volunteerism is the heartbeat of the West Texas Food Bank.

Volunteers must be 15 years or older to volunteer at the Food Bank without a parent or guardian. Children 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult at a 1:1 ratio. They require a two-hour volunteering minimum.

Petroleum Museum

Every Tuesday during the month of June, we will be hosting Movie Camp. Each Movie Camp will feature an animated movie, popcorn, and fun activities.  Volunteers are needed to help facilitate the activities throughout the day.  We will have one session from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and another from 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm.  Volunteers may volunteer for one or both sessions.

Museum of the Southwest

Assist families and children with craft, art and science activities!  Great opportunity for family volunteers or Legacy/Texas Scholar students.

Midland Fairhavens

Compassionate childcare assistants support the staff with the Junior life skills sessions on Monday evenings.  An age-driven curriculum is used to help our youngest clients to learn to succeed in school & life!  A kind heart and a dedicated spirit is required – training is provided.

BEWARE!  You will receive an abundance of smiles and hugs from these precious kids!  Age 13+

Midland Children’s Rehabilitation Center

We are looking for volunteers to help side walk alongside the horses while therapists conduct their sessions. Hippotherapy, or therapy on horseback, is a physical, occupational or speech and language therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement.  Hippotherapy literally means  “treatment with the help of the horse.”

Midland Habitat for Humanity

Whether you have never felt the heft of a hammer or you are a master carpenter, Midland Habitat could use your skills building decent affordable homes in Midland.  The Habitat construction crew builds 6 days a week and could always use a couple more hands.

Meals on Wheels

Volunteers to package meals, ten volunteers are needed to package meals for homebound elderly and disabled individuals.  We are looking for permanent people to cover shifts Monday-Friday 8:30-10:45

Mission Agape

Be a Mission Agape Superhero!  Join in helping children and families in need.  They have multiple opportunities to serve in many programs.

Jubilee Center of Midland

We welcome volunteers from many different organizations around Midland including the Midland/Odessa nursing program and Junior League. We are an approved volunteer agency for the Legacy program at Midland College. If you are interested in working with us, we need volunteers every second and fourth Saturday of the month during our food pantries from 9:15-12pm. We could also use help unloading the truck on Friday mornings from 8:30-10:30 before pantry days. During the week, we can always use help gardening, stocking shelves, cleaning and organizing. Contact our director Greg Clark for more information.
**Note – they also have a PAID internship opportunity for high school graduates who can commit to 80 hours.

M.A.R.Y Ministries  (Adult Volunteers)

M.A.R.Y. Ministries is a non-denominational, non-judgmental environment for teen mothers ages 13 through 19. The group’s name stands for “Mothering As Responsible Youth,” and is a play off the name of the Biblical teen mother who gave birth to the son of God. For more information about the program, or to volunteer, please call or text the program assistant Robin Hobbs at 312-7450 or email ministries_mary@yahoo.com.

Midland Reporter-Telegram article 
*We realize this is for adults to volunteer only, but felt it a gift to our local teens themselves and that someone may find a calling to support local teens who need additional support and mentorship.

Third – Camps

Click each link to go directly to their offerings for teens.

Bush Tennis Center

Summer Tennis Programs – Including for Teens

COM Aquatics

Jr. High Swim Camp

Midland Christian School

Pan Camp (music) for grades 5-12

Odessa College

College for Kids – Grades 6-9
(Page 6 of this PDF) Science, Visual Arts, Culinary, Engineering/FAB Lab

Odessa College

Volleyball Camp – Grades 6-7

The Pottery Art Camp

Pottery, art, fun for age 10-15

Midland Community Theater

Summer DAZE Theater fun – Thru Grade 9

Please THANK each of these groups for offering opportunities for our kids locally to participate in quality programs.  The more demand there is from parents requesting quality programming, the more likely there will be for increased camps, classes, etc.



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Hillcrest School

Hillcrest School

Hillcrest School is a private, not-for-profit SACS CASI accredited school for students with learning differences in grades K-12. They specialize in helping students with dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder reach their maximum potential.

 The Hillcrest School is a unique independent, not-for-profit school serving learning different students. The success-based student to staff ratio contributes to student’s academic and social development which ensures overall achievement. In a nurturing environment, the combined efforts of multi-sensory techniques, interdisciplinary curriculum and organizational strategies result in successful opportunities for all learners.

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Bynum School

Bynum School

Bynum School located at 8404 West County Road 60 in Midland, TX.  They are currently building a new school site on Avalon Drive in Midland.

Bynum School is the only year-round school in the Permian Basin, public or private, that provides an uninterrupted continuum of services for children and adults who have special needs.

Collaborative programs and services are integrated into educational experiences for children. Collaborations include interactive day camps, family and sibling support projects, speech therapy, physical therapy and music therapy. Bynum School offers individualized, comprehensive programs to meet the needs of each student.

For Preschool – High School and Vocational programs Bynum tuition is approximately $10,000/year.  For Adult Day programs tuition is approximately $11,000/year.  Please check with the school directly for up to date tuition costs as they are subject to change.

In addition to Academic Programs,  Bynum School also offers Music therapy and Speech therapy.  For additional occupational and physical therapy, Bynum School contracts with Midland Children’s Rehabilitation Center (MCRC)

Contact Information and Hours can be found here. The direct number to the office is (432) 520-0075

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Homeschool Resources

According to the Texas Homeschool Coalition Association, to home school legally in Texas, you must follow three state law requirements:
1. The instruction must be bona fide (i.e., not a sham).
2. The curriculum must be in visual form (e.g., books, workbooks, video monitor).
3. The curriculum must include the five basic subjects of reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics, and good citizenship.

Also see the Homeschool Legal Defense Association for Texas: Leeper Case which says:
Homeschooling is legal in Texas. Homeschools can operate as private schools provided that they use a written curriculum and teach math, spelling, grammar, reading, and good citizenship. School districts have no authority to approve or disapprove curriculum. Homeschools do not have to register, be tested, or hold any specific qualifications. Texas is a model state in upholding parental rights. At trial, the testimony disclosed that the study of good citizenship is a civics course.

West Texas Homeschool Co-op

Website: https://www.wthscoop.org/
Facebook url: https://www.facebook.com/pg/westtexashomeschoolcoop

West Texas Homeschool Co-op is an inclusive choice-based learning community. The vision of WTHS Co-op is to inspire life-long learning with creative and engaging learning opportunities, to support the learner and their family, and to empower our learners by modeling a respectful, inclusive community that recognizes the uniqueness of every individual.
More information on schedules and registration can be found here.

Midland Classical Academy
Kindergarten – Grade 12
MCA is a homeschool/school building model.  Students attend two days per week (M/W or T/Th), and parents homeschool on the non-school days.  Teachers provide curriculum for parents. Fridays are half-day and optional for Science and enrichment courses.  Tuition includes Science on Fridays.

Education at Midland Classical Academy is an active endeavor. Students are neither blank slates to be written upon nor empty vessels to pour facts into, rather they are young people brimming with thoughts and ideas of their own. Learning is a team effort. Students are invited to join tutors in the learning process and this is where exponential growth happens. As we biblically consider God’s world together in the classroom, through sports, and within relationships, the full spectrum of our lives become transformed by divine purpose.
Admission, enrollment, tuition can be found here

Classical Conversations Homeschool Group – Midland
Classical Conversations supports homeschooling parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families. We believe there are three keys to a great education: classical, Christian, and Community.

Classical Conversations Calendar in Midland, TX and Andrews, TX

Grace Enrichment Co-op (GECO)
GECO is a home school co-op for families with home schoolers in highschool. GECO provides classes from writing to science and more. GECO is also helpful because it is a community of other home schoolers that have already taken their kids through highschool in home school so if you have any questions about transcripts, credits, or anything else, you can just ask someone at GECO.

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Midland offers a Montessori school for students in Preschool – Grade 6.  If you are interested, we you call to schedule a tour right away.  They often fill up fast and have waiting list.

Midland Montessori
Preschool – Grade 6
Children love to be involved in self-directed purposeful activities. When given a prepared environment of meaningful projects, along with the time to do those tasks at his or her own pace, a child will choose to engage in activities that will create learning in personal and powerful ways. This in turn creates a life long love of learning.
Application process, where you can find more information about admission, tuition, financial aid, and request a tour.

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Private Schools

There are several private school options in Midland, TX.  Most private schools serve students beginning in Preschool and continue through grades 6, 8, or 12.

Trinity School
Preschool – Grade 12
Founded in 1958, Trinity School continues a tradition of a half century of excellence in education. A rigorous academic curriculum combines high standards of scholarship and a commitment to inspire children of all ages to reach their fullest potential. Trinity School is dedicated to providing challenging and purposeful academic experiences by which students develop self-confidence and the ability to think independently. In the process, they embrace high standards in both academics and character.
Application process, where you can find more information about admission, tuition, financial aid, and request a tour.

Midland Christian
Preschool – Grade 12.
The mission of Midland Christian School is to assist parents in leading students to love God and to seek truth by training them in a Christ-centered environment that emphasizes moral and academic excellence and inspires them to develop their God-given talents for lives of Christian leadership and service.
Application process, where you can find more information about admission, tuition, financial aid, and request a tour.

Saint Ann’s
Preschool – Grade 8
St. Ann’s Catholic School joins with families to form students’ faith, knowledge, and character. Vision:  Educating the Saints; Core Purpose:  To help in leading all souls to heaven.
Application process, where you can find more information about admission, tuition, financial aid, and request a tour.

Hillander School
Preschool – Grade 6
Not religiously affiliated
Hillander builds a strong primary school foundation that will yield future benefits as each child progresses through junior high, high school, and college. At Hillander School, each student will learn how to “learn”, how to achieve at his or her highest level, and how to manage time through structured homework assignments and class projects. The school supports each child’s natural creativity and curiosity through art and science classes. Regular school musical productions, reciting poetry, and verbal book reports all instill self confidence.
Application process, where you can find more information about admission, tuition, financial aid, and request a tour.

Hillcrest School 
Kindergarten – Grade 12
The Hillcrest School is a unique independent, not-for-profit school serving learning different students. The success-based student to staff ratio contributes to student’s academic and social development which ensures overall achievement. In a nurturing environment, the combined efforts of multi-sensory techniques, interdisciplinary curriculum and organizational strategies result in successful opportunities for all learners.
Application process, where you can find more information about admission, tuition, financial aide, and request a tour.

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Charter Schools (Public)

According to the Texas Education Agency, charter schools are subject to fewer state laws than other public schools. The reduced legislation encourages more innovation and allows more flexibility, though state law does require fiscal and academic accountability from charter schools. The state monitors and accredits charter schools just as the state accredits school districts.

Midland Academy Charter
Preschool – Grade 8
Midland Academy Charter is a public, tuition-free school located in Midland, TX. They  are a charter school, which means they operate independently of MISD. Midland Academy Charter serves students in grades Pre-K through 8th, following the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards. Alongside the core content areas, they also offer Music, Art, PE and Technology instruction.

Texas Leadership Charter Academy, Midland
Kindergarten – Grade 8
At TLC Academy, our vision is to empower students to develop characteristics which promote positive leadership as a way of life.  We provide education utilizing an advanced, innovative learning style that challenges and enriches the classroom setting.  At TLC Academy (TLCA), we believe children learn in a variety of ways.  We strive to nurture and give opportunities for children to grow academically regardless of their learning differences.  The focus at TLCA is to see our students become productive community leaders by giving them the opportunities and skills to set goals for themselves and attain them.
A detailed FAQ section on enrollment can be found here.

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MISD – Secondary Schools

Please be sure to refer to our MISD – General Post about basic information including enrollment.

Secondary schools are based on your neighborhood.  You can view the current attendance boundaries via this map  and enter your address in the search window (in the blue bar) in the top, left corner of the page.

In MISD, Jr. High school is for grades 7-8th.  Depending on your neighborhood, your child may attend Abell Junior High , Goddard Junior High or San Jacinto Junior High.

Ninth graders have their own campuses at Lee Freshman and Midland Freshman.

For grades 10-12 students attend Lee Senior High , Midland Senior High, Coleman High, or Early College High School at Midland College.

A few unique programs to be aware of in MISD

Early College High School at Midland College
Located on the campus of Midland College, Early College High School @ Midland College is a joint effort between the Midland Independent School District and Midland College to provide students with the opportunity and support necessary to achieve their goal of post secondary education.

Upon the completion of four years, it is expected that students will receive a high school diploma from MISD as well as an associate’s degree from Midland College through the confluence of high school courses and dual credit opportunities. Early college high school courses, including college-level courses taken on the campuses of partner colleges, are free to students

Midland Alternative Program
More about MAP can be found in the student-parent handbook – http://www.midlandisd.net/cms/lib01/TX01000898/Centricity/Domain/2240/MAP%20Student%20Handbook%202016-2017%20Rev%2008-11-16.pdf

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Charter – UTPB STEM Academy

This charter school is in Odessa, TX.

University of Texas, Permian Basin STEM School
The UTPB STEM is a public, open-enrollment charter school currently located on the UTPB campus in Odessa, Texas.

The UTPB STEM Academy is dedicated to implementing the newest and most promising practices in education with an emphasis in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The foundational belief is that learning should be both engaging and social. Students work collaboratively on challenging curriculum, which in turn, enable them to experience engaging learning opportunities in order to develop conceptual knowledge and depth through project based learning (PBL).

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MISD Public Gifted

Carver Center is a unique campus offering gifted and talented programs serving identified G/T (aka gifted, gate, gifted and talented) students in grades 1-6 in Midland Independent School District. Important information about applying to this school can be found here.  Let me stress the important of applying one month before (or within 2 weeks of enrolling in MISD).  I’ve heard of families who were denied enrollment because they didn’t apply within the time frame.  They had to wait until the next enrollment period.

If you are already enrolled in MISD, applications will be available at your child’s school during the application period, which varies by grade level.

Kindergarten applications are typically due in October.  The district will assess (typically) in January and February, and parents will be notified in March.

Grades 1-5 applications are typically due by the end of January during the general nomination period.  Be sure to check the district’s website for specific dates. If you don’t submit all application materials by the deadline your child won’t be tested, thus won’t receive advanced, gifted education services.  Advanced Academic Services website has more information.

There are different requirements if you are from Texas and your child has already been identified as “gifted” than if you aren’t from Texas and/or if your child hasn’t been formally identified yet. If you’re child is already identified and currently receiving gifted instruction at a public school in Texas, he/she is likely to be automatically enrolled at Carver for grades 1-6.

If your child hasn’t yet been identified as gifted they will likely be required to take the CogAT test. I also encourage you to submit ALL previous testing with your application.  Submit any state or national assessments and/or assessments administered by a private licensed psychologist showing cognitive ability, FSIQ, or %ile rankings. Also, I recommend asking to submit previous teacher evaluations, letters of recommendations, and a parent questionnaire.

Also, for students whose primary language isn’t English, please know that per Texas Education Agency recommendations students are to be assessed in languages they understand or with nonverbal assessments.

If you follow all instructions and your child is denied admission to Carver, you are allowed to appeal the decision based on specific criteria they’ve outlined on their appeal form. My 2 cents – you are your child’s best, and often only, advocate!

More information on Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted and Talented can be found here in English and Spanish. 

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