Charter – UTPB STEM Academy

This charter school is in Odessa, TX.

University of Texas, Permian Basin STEM School
The UTPB STEM is a public, open-enrollment charter school currently located on the UTPB campus in Odessa, Texas.

The UTPB STEM Academy is dedicated to implementing the newest and most promising practices in education with an emphasis in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The foundational belief is that learning should be both engaging and social. Students work collaboratively on challenging curriculum, which in turn, enable them to experience engaging learning opportunities in order to develop conceptual knowledge and depth through project based learning (PBL).

MISD Public Gifted

Carver Center is a unique campus offering gifted and talented programs serving identified G/T (aka gifted, gate, gifted and talented) students in grades 1-6 in Midland Independent School District. Important information about applying to this school can be found here.  Let me stress the important of applying one month before (or within 2 weeks of enrolling in MISD).  I’ve heard of families who were denied enrollment because they didn’t apply within the time frame.  They had to wait until the next enrollment period.

If you are already enrolled in MISD, applications will be available at your child’s school during the application period, which varies by grade level.

Kindergarten applications are typically due in October.  The district will assess (typically) in January and February, and parents will be notified in March.

Grades 1-5 applications are typically due by the end of January during the general nomination period.  Be sure to check the district’s website for specific dates. If you don’t submit all application materials by the deadline your child won’t be tested, thus won’t receive advanced, gifted education services.  Advanced Academic Services website has more information.

There are different requirements if you are from Texas and your child has already been identified as “gifted” than if you aren’t from Texas and/or if your child hasn’t been formally identified yet. If you’re child is already identified and currently receiving gifted instruction at a public school in Texas, he/she is likely to be automatically enrolled at Carver for grades 1-6.

If your child hasn’t yet been identified as gifted they will likely be required to take the CogAT test. I also encourage you to submit ALL previous testing with your application.  Submit any state or national assessments and/or assessments administered by a private licensed psychologist showing cognitive ability, FSIQ, or %ile rankings. Also, I recommend asking to submit previous teacher evaluations, letters of recommendations, and a parent questionnaire.

Also, for students whose primary language isn’t English, please know that per Texas Education Agency recommendations students are to be assessed in languages they understand or with nonverbal assessments.

If you follow all instructions and your child is denied admission to Carver, you are allowed to appeal the decision based on specific criteria they’ve outlined on their appeal form. My 2 cents – you are your child’s best, and often only, advocate!

More information on Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted and Talented can be found here in English and Spanish. 

MISD – Magnet Schools

Magnet schools aren’t considered “neighborhood schools” and allow students from all areas of Midland to attend.  Often bus services are provided for students.

Magnet Schools (Elementary)
There are three magnet schools in MISD.  A magnet school is a public school offering special instruction and programs not available elsewhere, designed to attract a more diverse student body from throughout a school district. More on magnet schools here.

MISD Magnet Schools Program Information

MISD Magnet Schools 2017-2018 timeline

Bowie Fine Arts Academy
Students at Bowie take advantage of all the regular MISD curriculum, plus they are afforded enrichment classes in the arts.  Students in grades K-3 rotate through piano lab, choral music, theater arts, dance, and art on a weekly basis.  Starting in fourth grade, students specialize in two of these areas for one hour of their school day.  Orchestra and band are added to their fine arts selections in grades 4-6.

Pease Communications and Technology Academy
The goal is to be the leader in communications and technology, while encouraging positive family and community partnerships as we empower each child to reach their fullest potential. We have a Communication Lab where they combine Technology with Communication. We seek to provide each grade level with the specific instruction that will equip them in our ever-changing technological era.

Washington Math and Science Institute
Our primary mission is to actively motivate students, faculty and parents to support a vision of our school in which all of our students can and will learn. Our collaborative goal is to assure that self-esteem is fostered in every child and that they acquire the values, attitude, skills and knowledge that are necessary for progress in school and throughout life. We will strive to tap the rich vein of cultural, ethnic and racial diversity in our students and make every effort to serve them with equity and excellence. This school also provides afterschool enrichment classes.

MISD – General

Public Schools are run through Midland Independent School District (MISD).

Public preschool is available if you meet eligibility requirements.

Elementary is grades K-6. Junior High is grades 7-8.  Freshmen is grade 9 and they attend their own school for one year, and High school is grades 10-12.

Midland ISD Enrollment and Registration Information:

For enrollment, parents will need to bring a student’s birth certificate, shot records, Social Security card, and  proof of residence (lease agreement, water/gas/electric bill with address).  For questions, parents/guardians may call the MISD Student Services Office at 432-240-1520.

Link to all elementary schools in MISD

All traditional public schools are offered for those who live in the attendance boundaries of each neighborhood.

You can view the current attendance boundaries via this map and enter your address in the search window (blue bar) in the top, left corner of the page.


Permian Kids is a resource guide for parents and families in Midland, TX and the greater Permian Basin region. With many families moving into Midland, we aim to help ease the transition when resettling your family in a new location.  We’ll be focusing on schools, community education organizations, opportunities to become involved/volunteer, events to attend, and overall fun, family entertainment.

Permian Kids is founded by a “Midland Mom” who has moved a lot! I know how fortunate I am to have benefited from online resources and social networks when transitioning to a new city.  I’ve lived in 6 states and moved countless times (we think we counted 20!). I hope to provide you with opportunities to “get out there” and become involved as much or as little as you desire.

Welcome to Midland!