Schools in Midland

When our family decided to move to Midland, the first thing I did was research schools, reading as much as possible.  We scheduled several school tours and quickly realized that finding the “right” school for our children would entail a lot more effort than originally thought.  There are a lot of options for your family in Midland, but you’ll have to spend some time touring and asking a lot of questions to get a good fit.  Whether choosing public or private, it’s important to call the school directly and ask if they have space.  The neighborhood school in our attendance zone was closed and not accepting new students due to overcrowding and one of the local private schools was full for the grade level we needed.

These posts are  written with as much information as possible and what I’d hoped for when I began my search!  It may not be inclusive of everything and will continue to get updated as new information becomes available.