Special Needs Families


Do you have a special needs child and just found out you’re moving to Midland? Or maybe you just had a baby and discovered your child will need special-needs services locally? Perhaps your child is having sensory concerns, or speech delay.  We’ve done some research on local resources and hope to help give you a starting place for finding local resources for your family
While no place provides access to everything, there are a few places to reach out to when you begin your search.

I recommend contacting these providers with as much advanced notice as possible. Many people have to wait months on a waiting list to be evaluated and begin receiving services.  The sooner you make contact the better!

In this section, we share information about schools (public and private), rehabilitation centers, and recreation & entertainment – Because all kids need to have a place to play and have fun!

Remember, you are your child’s first and primary teacher.  You are also your child’s best advocate.  Your child needs you and thankfully there are local resources to help you, your child, and your family.

Click on the drop-down menu under “special needs families” to view resources.

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