Charter Schools (Public)

According to the Texas Education Agency, charter schools are subject to fewer state laws than other public schools. The reduced legislation encourages more innovation and allows more flexibility, though state law does require fiscal and academic accountability from charter schools. The state monitors and accredits charter schools just as the state accredits school districts.

Midland Academy Charter
Preschool – Grade 8
Midland Academy Charter is a public, tuition-free school located in Midland, TX. They  are a charter school, which means they operate independently of MISD. Midland Academy Charter serves students in grades Pre-K through 8th, following the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards. Alongside the core content areas, they also offer Music, Art, PE and Technology instruction.

Texas Leadership Charter Academy, Midland
Kindergarten – Grade 8
At TLC Academy, our vision is to empower students to develop characteristics which promote positive leadership as a way of life.  We provide education utilizing an advanced, innovative learning style that challenges and enriches the classroom setting.  At TLC Academy (TLCA), we believe children learn in a variety of ways.  We strive to nurture and give opportunities for children to grow academically regardless of their learning differences.  The focus at TLCA is to see our students become productive community leaders by giving them the opportunities and skills to set goals for themselves and attain them.
A detailed FAQ section on enrollment can be found here.

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Charter – UTPB STEM Academy

This charter school is in Odessa, TX.

University of Texas, Permian Basin STEM School
The UTPB STEM is a public, open-enrollment charter school currently located on the UTPB campus in Odessa, Texas.

The UTPB STEM Academy is dedicated to implementing the newest and most promising practices in education with an emphasis in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The foundational belief is that learning should be both engaging and social. Students work collaboratively on challenging curriculum, which in turn, enable them to experience engaging learning opportunities in order to develop conceptual knowledge and depth through project based learning (PBL).

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